The ever-changing life

August 17 2014

In the coming elections in Bihar on August 21, several Congress party leaders can’t seem to come to terms with the Congress’ alliance with Nitish and Lalu. They feel that that the party high command, especially Rahul Gandhi, is not learnt any lessons from the dismal loss in the Lok Sabha elections. The Congress leaders feel that if the party did have to go with Lalu in the first place, why did Rahul Gandhi enact the big drama of tearing the Ordinance, because of which Lalu was declared to be disqualified to contest elections? On the other hand, Nitish is bringing out one problem after another for Jitan Majhi; he had emerged as Rabri Devi number two, but even Jitan has now started to give it back to Nitish. Majhi created a storm of sorts in the state politics by declaring that he had to pay a bribe of Rs 5,000 to adjust his inflated electricity bill despite being an Assembly member. But the matter gathered steam and Majhi had to clarify that he was talking about 1994, and not about when Nitish was in power. Going against Nitish’s wishes, Majhi gave a new lease of life to those JD (U) Assembly members who had voted against the party’s assigned candidate for the Rajya Sabha. So much so that now Majhi has also started to listen to his Assembly members’ requests about transfers and postings, only to prove that he is no rubber stamp of Nitish’s.

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