The eclipse on Saffron plan

December 26 2016

How the strategy to switch Congress legislators to BJP was interwoven? Sources say that it is Akhilesh Das, the well-wisher of BJP who dug the roots of the strategy. The BJP’s font was handled by Lucknow’s Mayor and BJP’s President Amit Shah’s close aid Dinesh Sharma. From Delhi he got the support of Bhupendra Yadav and Shiv Prakash. Sunil Bansal was kept out of the loop. It is said that the news was leaked from Bansal that Shiv Prakash is coming from Delhi as he had to meet few people in Piccadilly hotel and he will return to Delhi the same day. But his plan is not mentioned in Party’s programme. He is on a secret mission. The news spread in the jiffy; soon media flocked outside Piccadilly hotel. The main door was almost covered by the plethora of cameras. When the legislator of Congress willing to join BJP got to know about the media he stepped back. After a lot of request one, Congress Legislator was made to enter inside the hotel from a back door and was made to meet leaders who came from Delhi. The Congress leader Pramod Tiwari got to know about this and he tried to inform Rahul but somehow could not do so. Then he gave all the information to Priyanka Gandhi. It is said that infuriated Sunil Bansal called Krishnagopal and expressed his pain that if all the tickets will be distributed to outsiders then what will be left for the loyal party workers.

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