The Congress shrinks in Bihar

August 09 2015

Three days ago, Nitish and Lalu had a long conversation with Sonia and Rahul in context to Bihar elections. While Nitish interacted with Rahul, Lalu as a habit found it easier to get along with Sonia, and so he spoke to her. Both Lalu and Nitish had the same thing to say – because it is crucial to stop Modi making inroads into Bihar, the Congress will have to decrease its seat demand. Sources say that the Congress has asked for 40 seats for itself, and three seats for its coalition partner NCP. Lalu and Nitish’s advice is to leave 25-30 seats for the Congress and NCP. Both leaders want 105 seats each for their respective parties, and leave the remaining 33 for the Congress, RKP and Left parties. They are also of the opinion that in the recent Assembly elections in Bihar, they had left four seats for the Congress, but it had not done considerably well. Sources close to the Congress say that both Sonia and Rahul have informally given a green signal to their suggestions. The party wants to stop the BJP’s lotus from blooming at any cost.

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