The clash of the titans

July 05 2015

The game of IPL is played as much on the sidelines as it is on the field. When Lalit Modi was usurped of his title as the IPL commissioner, there was a bitter fight ensuing between him and Srinivasan. A reliable source associated with Srinivasan alleges that Lalit Modi took the help of an Israeli company to hack into the email accounts of Arun Jaitley and Srinivasan; the deal had apparently costs Rs 16 crore. But Srinivasan played the enmity game with equal vigour and also took the services of another Israeli company, and the deal cost nothing less than one million pounds. This agency allegedly hacked into the email accounts of Lalit Modi and got hold of crucial documents that are grabbing the headlines today, and whose strings are attached to Sushma and Vasundhara. Sources also say that in the name of broadcasting rights of IPL, Modi had a MoU with a foreign company for a deal worth Rs 450 crore. The channel had even transferred the first installment of Rs 125 crore. Even today, the BCCI is unable to trace that money. The past is sitting like a snake ready to pounce. The first rays of the sun might be struggling to burst through, but darkness sits hunched under.

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