Bold and dynamic

June 19 2023

UP Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi is known for his bold and dynamic decisions. When the people of Gorakhpur complained to him about the ‘narrow roads of the city’, he, in one stroke, demolished the encroached shops on the side of the road and made them move back so that the people could get rid of the jam that occurred for hours. Then Yogi received a complaint, especially from the women and girls living there that it becomes difficult for them to pass through the area of Ramgarh Tal, so Yogi converted this lake into a picnic spot where day and night there was movement of people. Girls can now have a ‘picnic’ till late. Police officers and bureaucrats of the state say that they do not get any instructions from the CM or the CM’s office on the phone all the time, so that they carry out their work freely.

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