The apple of Paswan family’s eye

December 14 2013

Lok Janshakti Party’s leader Ram Vilas Paswan is making a lot of effort to hand over his political legacy to his son Chirag Paswan. The young Paswan is ready to leave his film journey mid-way only so that he can bring his father’s political career to a high point from the lows it is seeing at present. So in a way, all decisions of the Lok Janshakti Party are being taken by Chirag. He wants to break away from his father’s Dalit politics to one that focuses on the youth. That is because he knows that more than 58 per cent of Bihar’s voters fall in that category. He has even decided to give the political campaign for the Lok Janshakti Party a new look and new dimension. He has become a part of a handful of politicians from Bihar who are extremely active on social networking sites. He is also a good friend of Rahul Gandhi and wants JD-U, Congress and Lok Janshkati Party to have a political understanding in Bihar. He has held several rallies in Bihar and attracts a huge crowd. Thus, the common thing in Bihar’s politics from both Lalu and Ram Vilas is that they want their young sons to don the political mantle – Lalu wants to encourage his son Tejaswi and Ram Vilas Chirag. Will this really lead to a politics that can rise above narrow-minded, divisive casteism?


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