That fire in the belly

October 03 2016

At BJP’s National Working Committee meeting at Kozhikode in Kerala recently, Modi addressed the party people on two occasions, but in a very well-planned way. Needless to say, his mind was still under stress about the Uri attack. His speeches reflected his state of mind. Words showed exactly how he felt, and he clearly told his party people that he was a secular person in every way, and that it was some people from his own party who spoke out garbage and put a question mark on his being secular. He gave an example about the same and said that last year when he was in the US during navratri, some party leaders spoke about it in a different way to the media, and it didn’t have a shred of truth. He said he fasted only to purify his body and mind, and when water arrived for him in a glass, he merely made arrangements for water in a tumbler made of something different. Modi made it clear that his intentions were not to hurt anyone. He gave another instance from his Kozhikode trip and said that when he goes a new place, he likes to first pay a visit to a local temple there. He did the same in Kozhikode, and this should not hurt anyone from any religion. He spoke about Pakistan in the same cryptic way and said, “When the situations are not in our favour, our minds should be cool as a cucumber, but there should be a fire burning in our hearts.” Pakistan has finally tasted the flavour of the embers emanating from that fire.

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