Thakur MLAs love for Rajnath

August 03 2014

SP’s Thakur MLAs really get along with Rajnath Singh. So on Singh’s birthday on July 10, there was a big crowd of SP MLAs to wish him. These MLAs were so beside themselves with love for Rajnath that it seemed they would join the BJP any minute. Mulayam Singh invited these Thakur leaders to his residence and asked them clearly, “Do you want to join the BJP?” The Thakur leaders were shocked and suspected there might be a Vibhishan between them. But few of them knew that Netaji and Rajnath Singh really get along – remember the Lucknow episode, when Netaji cut Ashok Vajpayee’s ticket on a mere mention by Rajnath Singh and the latter did the same for Ashok Yadav.

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