Test of admiration

February 04 2015

Our Prime Minister’s addressing US President Barack Obama by his first name, ‘Barack’ during his recent India visit, doesn’t seem to go too well with western media. They consider this as an ‘insult’ to head of the nation. A London based magazine has gone to the extent of calling it as ‘unrestrained speak by a chai wala’. While, on the other hand Modi’s ministers have stooping down to any level in his awe. Last week, at the beginning of his cabinet meet, a woman minister could not stop showering her deep appreciation of Modi’s ways. She went on to say that, ‘sir, you addressing Obama as ‘Barack’, has made every Indian proud; people are feeling close to America and now they find themselves at par with Americans’. No doubt, governance is simply not possible through heart and soul; rather the limits of self proclamations too need to be crossed.

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