Story of thug sanjay

May 06 2023

‘Mahathug’ Sanjay Rai alias Sanjay Sherpuria alias Sanjay Prakash Baleshwar Rai, belonging to UP’s Ghazipur, has been caught by the UP STF in a 16 crore fraud case. The photo of this swindler is viral on social media with big leaders of BJP, VHP. He tries to dupe people on the pretext of transfer-posting and also claiming to end ED-CBI cases, all the while posing as a man of PMO. Has been collecting money. The story of this person is very filmy. Sanjay, who belongs to Sherpura village of Ghazipur, comes from a very simple family. It is said that he is only 10th pass. In search of a job, he went to Gujarat and started driving a Seth’s car there. The seth’s daughter fell in love with him and both of them got married. Rai became the owner of Seth’s huge property. By taking Ghazipur Bhumihar connection, he got entry in the CM office of Gujarat through AK Sharma. He also got an award for himself in ‘Vibrant Gujarat’. After this, in the name of running a chemical fertilizer factory, he also took a loan of about 400 crores from the local State Bank. Now, after the arrest of Sherpuria, SBI’s Ahmedabad branch has issued a notice for recovery of more than 341 crores in the name of Sherpuria’s wife and another director of the company. He had formed an organization by the name of ‘Youth Rural Entrepreneur Foundation’. He deliberately did not take any position in the organization, but used to transfer huge amount of fraud money from people to the account of the organization itself. The STF inquiry has also exposed the secret that Sherpuria had formed 52 shell companies with different names in which he was the director. He had more than 225 e-mail IDs. He was also known for his good influence in the media. Sherpuria was trying to get a ticket from Mohammadabad seat in the UP assembly elections this time, but it is said that the Sangh had objection to his name. So, he was deprived of a BJP ticket. In Ghazipur, he has built a road in the name of his father with his own money. But now the journey of his lofty ambitions has brought him to a different destination.

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