Staking claim to the Rajya Sabha

June 29 2014

Half-a-dozen Rajya Sabha seats from UP may fall vacant in the coming months. It is being hoped that most of these seats will go to either the SP or candidates supported by the SP. Amar Singh’s Rajya Sabha tenure ends in November sources reveal that he has buried the hatchet and spoken to his old time friend Mulayam Singh. It is also believed that ignoring his cousin brother Prof Ramgopal Yadav and close aide Azam Khan’s advice, Mulayam Singh will strengthen the Thakur leader’s way to the Rajya Sabha from the SP quota. Ajit Singh, who lost this Lok Sabha election from Bagpat is also looking at SP for a seat in the Rajya Sabha. But Netaji can’t stand Ajit Singh and the latter’s ride to Rajya Sabha may not be a smooth one. The number of Mulayam’s party aspirants for the Rajya Sabha is a significant one, too, such as Ashok Bajpai, Revati Raman Singh, Ashok Pradhan, Surendra Nagar and so on.

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