Sops for Youth

December 19 2017

The Gujarat polls have taught the saffron-brothers Modi and Shah some vital lessons. They realise now that a large section of the state’s youth are angry with the BJP. This was evident in their unprecedented presence in the poll meetings of Rahul, Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh. Hence, the poll magician Modi has decided against any adventurism in the 2019 general elections. It is anyone’s guess that Modi will now try to think up several new schemes for unemployed youth in the country. It is also possible that there will be some big announcements for the National Employment Policy, whose main task is to ensure employment for youth. To improve the financial and social lot of the youth, the government is mulling bringing in a National Employment Policy. May be the government will give various kinds of boosts to medium and small scale enterprises, for which accessing loans from financial institutions may be made easier. The employment agency has recently told the government in a report that 30 per cent youth in the 15-30 age group lack proper training, forcing them to opt for low-paying jobs. China is far ahead of India in this regard. So clearly, the next budget will not just be packed with election sops, but could be dripping with concern for youth.

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