Sonia’s pain gets a voice

December 21 2014

If politics mirrors the changing times, then it will also be easy to see how the dark faces are unmasked. Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi is not keeping too well nowadays – she has respiratory trouble. Much like her, the Congress is facing a similar problem. Sonia’s treatment is being done at Gangaram Hospital in New Delhi, while an ailing Congress is Rahul’s responsibility. In the past, if Sonia would get admitted for something as normal as a routine check-up, those wanting to meet her and ask her how she is doing would form a serpentine queue. But ever since the Nizam of Delhi has changed, several other things have changed with it. The list of those wanting to meet her has shrunk, and overreaching ambitious plans have also sunk to the ground. This time, against the background of the devastation caused by the floods in Jammu and Kashmir, Sonia had made an announcement in front of her party workers that she will not celebrate her birthday this year. Thus, for her birthday, Sonia arranged for a personal programme of a small dinner with Priyanka and Robert Vadra at an Italian restaurant Artusi in Greater Kailash. But when she arrived, it did not create any ripples in the restaurant, no one came to “disturb” the Gandhi family, there was neither a long line of people asking for Sonia’s autographs, neither was there a rush to get photographed with Priyanka and Robert. And it is not so long ago, when Sonia went to La Piazza at the Hyatt for her last birthday. A big crown gathered in the restaurant for Sonia’s autographs and a desire to get photographed with her. In just a year, Sonia and the Congress have seen several political distances being made with them.

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