Sonia’s mistake

June 15 2014

This is from just a few days ago when the special Parliament session got over. One day when Sonia Gandhi got ready to leave for the Parliament from 10, Janpath, she asked her staff to ask for time from the PM and got into her car and made for the destination. After she reached the Parliament, she realized if the staff members would ask for time, not from Manmohan Singh, but Narendra Modi. After all, a habit of 10 years will take some time to break. That is because until now, she would address Manmohan Singh as PM, and ever since he has shifted from his house in 7, Race Course Road to the 3, Motilal Nehru Marg, she hasn’t gone to visit him even once because she wanted the visit to his house for the first time to be a formal one. So the minute she reached the Parliament, Sonia tried to call up her office but couldn’t get through because there are jammers installed in the Parliament area. So instead of going towards the Parliament gate, she started to move towards the area where there was some mobile connection. When she got through, she hurriedly asked them who they had asked the time from. The answer was, “A request has been made to Narendra Modi’s office.” Sonia had a facepalm moment and asked her office to recall the appointment immediately and ask for time from Manmohan Singh, the former prime minister, Sonia stressed. It was then that the mistake could be redressed. A call was made from 10, Janpath, to the PM House that the request for appointment be cancelled. It was then that Sonia managed to get into the Parliament House.

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