Sonia’s dear Tejpal

December 22 2013

The male mankind may be breaking in cold sweat at the mere mention of Tarun Tejpal, but there was a time when he was pretty dear to Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Maybe that was the reason she wrote a letter to the Prime Minister recommending Tejpal’s name in Prasar Bharti’s board of directors. But according to Prasar Bharti’s guidelines, someone can be made a director of the board only if he or she is a member of the board in the first place. In rarely seen quick action, Tejpal was made the board’s member. With the same alacrity, Tejpal’s sister Neena Sharma Tejpal’s proposal was also passed for a programme on Hindi cinema completing a 100 years. Forty nine episodes of the programme even got an instant go-ahead. The obligations went so far that Tejpal’s company got the permission for free footage from Prasar Bharti’s archive. But the minute Tejpal was shamed for sexually molesting his junior colleague, Prasar Bharti worked with equal speed and cancelled all the programmes commissioned to his company. Sonia’s acquaintance with Tejpal is now a thing of the past and Congressmen who were close to him are now backing off.

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