Shivraj’s ‘rule’ conundrum

June 06 2020

The ‘saffron’ Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan wanted to expand his cabinet on 1st June and after several permutations and combinations, he finalised a list and sent it to Delhi for approval. But the BJP high command has not given its green signal to the list. As such this time around it was not easy for Shivraj to finalise the names of ministers since several individuals who left Congress and joined BJPO with Scindia are in line to be provided ministerial positions. And for this, Shivraj had to delete names of several of his loyalists, for example, his faithful MLA and former leader of opposition Sagar Gopal Bhargava was offered the position of Speaker but he declined. In this lockdown crisis, Shivraj has another front opened as he has to get the government bungalows vacated from ministers of Kamal Nath government since Kamal Nath government spent thirty-eight crore rupees in the renovation of these bungalows and now these ‘beneficiaries’ are not vacating their bungalows. However, Kamal Nath himself is vacating the Chief Minister’s residence located at 6, Shyamla Hill and shifting in his old house.

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