Shivraj’s dilemma

March 06 2018

For the past 5 months, Shivraj Singh Chauhan is going through a lot of tension. Sources say that due to stress, he has also caught onto diabetes. In the cabinet meetings of Tuesday, many voices of dissatisfaction have also started emerging. Anyhow, ever since Anandiben Patel has taken over the responsibility of the governor of the state, the sources say that she has summoned various departments’ secretaries and is personally reviewing their presentations. The Vyaapam scam too has yet not fully furnished to the cold beds. Sources also claim that many political ambitions have been eased in the flame of Vyaapam. Uma Bharti’s declaration of not contesting the next election is also a hint in this direction. God bless the heavyweight Union minister whose close judge-relative has given a clean chit to Shivraj in this case. This Union minister’s eye is on the PM’s post for 2019 and now, Shivraj could also have to support him.

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