Shivraj zipped-up

March 06 2018

After a bitter defeat in the recent by-elections held in Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shivraj’s reign is all cry for help. While on the one hand the main Opposition party in the state – Congress – is busy preparing to encroach on the Shivraj throne, the saffron reign’s very own are in no mood to spare him. There are continuous rounds of serious discussions and calculations over Shivraj’s future in the BJP. According to information gathered from the sources linked to the RSS, the Sangh has conducted a state-wide opinion poll from an agency, and the results of this survey have raised the concerns of the Sangh. This survey states that if elections are held in Madhya Pradesh right now, then BJP’s presence might be even lesser that 100 in the 230-members assembly. In the last election, 165 out of 230 seats in the state fell into the BJP’s court. Now elections in the state may be held in November-December and in view of this, Sangh has identified such 73 outgoing BJP MLAs for whom there is a lot of anger in the public with regard to their work. Sangh is now of the opinion to cut-off the tickets of these 73 legislators and introduce new faces in their place. It is believed that this damage control plan of the Sangh has been green-signalled by BJP’s top leadership. Now Shivraj’s dilemma swings around the fact that the majority of these 73 MLAs are his close aides, but obviously it is better to zip it than lose his own ticket. Silence in politics is not only a weapon but an armor, too, and who can know this better than Shivraj?

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