Shivpal Belligerent

October 10 2016

But months of drama cannot be wished away. Shivpal, who had kept quiet as the Yadav family went through the motions of patch-up, appeared gripped by strong feelings. Standing next to Mulayam, he said the next time the SP came to power, Netaji would be chief minister not Akhilesh and that the latter was only enjoying the fruits of government not realizing that the party foundations had been built by father and uncle. He recalled the efforts they made to form a mahgathbandhan, meeting Deve Gowda in Bengaluru, Lalu, Nitish and Ajit Singh. If this had happened, Shivpal lamented, Netaji would have been the prime ministerial candidate. Mulayam’s silence spoke volumes. Shivpal had struck the right note.

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