Shiv Purana and Sanjay Dutt

December 07 2014

In prison, Sanjay Dutt’s current craze is reading the Shiv Purana. A source close to the Dutt family claims that till now he has read the entire book three times. But it seems Bholey Baba is yet to hear him; Sanjay Dutt has put in an application for a parole of 14 days because PK, his movie with Aamir Khan is expected to release in coming days. Sanjay has played a significant role in the film and he has a lot of responsibility to promote the film. At the same time, the IG jail feels that because the Parliament session is on, and the jail administration does not want to create any kind of controversy right now. As a result, Sanjay Dutt may have to wait for the Parliament session to end for his parole to come through.

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