Shiv Prakash may replace Ram Lal

October 21 2014

The repercussions of Suresh Soni’s departure may soon be heard in the higher echelons of the BJP’s organisational section. People who had the support of Soni in some form of the other will see themselves stand on shaky ground. The same way there are indications that BJP’s General Secretary (organisation)Ram Lal may be gone, too. One should mention here that Ram Lal was considered to be very loyal to Soni and then party President Rajnath Singh, too, had a big role to play in his appointment as the party’s general secretary. Sources reveal that Shiv Prakash Singh, a resident of Thakur Dwara in Moradabad, may be considered in Ram Lal’s place. He has also been RSS pracharak for a long time and it is believed that he was also the one who gave birth to the current Love Jihad theory. Shiv Prakash has extremely warm relations with Rajnath Singh and Yogi Adityanath. After much deliberation and thought, gave an entry to Shiv Prakash and Ram Madhav into the BJP, so that the Sangh maintains its grip on the saffron party. Thus, if Shiv Prakash does take Ram Lal’s place, he will have to come face-to-face with several challenges.

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