Shashank Replaces Shukla

October 06 2015

It was once decided that Rajeev Shukla will emerge as a fore runner in the race for the BCCI President since he was having the support of the Jetly group who were having 16 votes. But at the nick of the moment the dreams of Rajeev Shukla were shattered by Amit Shah by stating that how can he support a Congress candidate for this post. Taking stock of the situation Anurag Thakur proposed the name of Shashank Manohar. Shashank Manohar has the support of the Sharad Pawar group who have only 3 votes. Please be noted that Anurag is having good terms with Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule. It is also said that Supriya had proposed the name of Advocate Shashank at Nagpur, who had been the BCCI President for a single term. During this period there were differences between Shah and Shashank , because Manohar had refused to give a match venue to Ahmedabad. On the contrary S Gurumurthy, Subramaniam Swamy and G K Subhash Chandra are lobbying for Srinivasan on how to save his ICC future. In all these circumstances Arun Jaitly has been the loser , who after getting a golden opportunity has not been able to place his dear friend Rajeev Shukla as the BCCI President.

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