Sharad’s Pain

July 26 2017

Sharad Yadav, who is hurt with Nitish Kumar’s attitude, recently called on Congress president Sonia Gandhi and poured his heart out to her. He is learned to have told her that now nobody consults him in his own party though Nitish was a nonentity when Sharad won his first election in 1974. He said there is no place for socialism-centered politics and now, not only the time has changed but the meaning of socialism as well. Sonia is learned to have empathized with him and offered him to join the Congress and the party will send him to Rajya Sabha. Sharad thanked her with the bottom of his heart but politely declined the offer saying he was a product of anti-Congressism and opposed the party his entire life. It won’t be possible for him to side with Congress at the far end of his career. So, he will, for the moment, walk alone.

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