Shah’s Yogic Politics

August 08 2017

BJP steward Amit Shah was camping in Lucknow all of last Monday through Wednesday. The official guise, of course, was a review of the progress of government work. But the real reason could be gleaned from the rather shining faces of the anti-Yogi camp followers. Those in the know say that the relation between Shah and Yogi had turned vitriolic when the former even refused to shake hands with Yogi at the latter’s anointment, whereas he held Yogi’s deputy and bête noire Keshav Prasad Maurya in a bear hug. In Lucknow, Yogi met Shah with all his ministers, but later, Shah summoned ministers individually. Interestingly, Maruya was sitting next to Shah in all these meetings. In fact, some say that many UP ministers did not even turn up at crucial meetings called by Yogi just to ensure that they get to meet Shah and express their grievances. Yogi is well aware of the goings on, but as of now, he is not showing any signs of nervousness.

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