Shah won’t be repeated?

January 18 2015

The internal tussle between Sangh and Modi has resulted in new equations; it is believed that in altered political circumstances Sangh is not ready to blindly follow Modi; rather they want to distance themselves with Modi’s self-proclamation politics of I, Me, Myself. Perhaps this is the reason why Sangh chief Bhagwat is openly making statements on internal matters of BJP. Sangh leaders have held many marathon meetings in recent times. The sources from Sangh disclose that Bihar assembly polls could be the last elections under the presidentship of Shah. A new party president is likely to be appointed in November, if sources are to be believed, Sangh is not ready for Shah’s second term as a party president. On more than one occasion, Mohan Bhagwat has told Modi that party president and the Prime Minister should not be from the same state. If Bhagwat’s theory gets approved then either Nitin Gadkari, JP Nadda or Rajnath Singh would be the frontrunners in the race. And, if the choice is left between the three, then politically abreast Modi will favour Nadda for the post.

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