Shah Snatched a Loss out of his victory

August 18 2017

If silence could speak, then the silence maintained by usually vociferous BJP cadre and leaders, has revived memories of the loss suffered by the BJP, in 2015 Bihar Assembly elections. Though both BJP president Amit Shah and union minister Smriti Irani won their seats comfortably during Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls, the cadre is unusually quiet. Ahmed Patel’s victory has dampened their spirits. Sources confide that arrangements had been done at BJP offices both in New Delhi and Gandhinagar for massive victory celebrations with garlands, bouquets and brass bands. But, Patel’s victory by half a vote, made them crestfallen. Three huge garlands had been arranged at Gandhinagar BJP office and Congress rebel Shankar Singh Vaghela had declared that he too would join the victory celebrations of BJP’s three candidates Shah, Irani and Balwant Singh Rajput. But, Rajput’s defeat by half a vote upset all calculations. The party meanwhile, received another news – that of the demise of its Ajmer MP, Sanwar Lal Jaat who had defeated young Congress leader Sachin Pilot in last elections. Now there will be a by election in Ajmer and Pilot could be the Congress candidate once again. With people not too happy with the working of Vasundhara Raje government and BJP not having a formidable candidate to counter Pilot, for the moment it seems to be Advantage Pilot.

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