February 05 2018

Un-aging superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s fabled line in a super-duper Hindi film of yore goes like this: “The queue starts from behind me!” And guess what ‘poliwood’ superstar Amit Shah, helming the BJP would say if he needed to repeat the same sense?” “In saffron politics, only those will move up the ladder who are seen close to me.” True it is. Though a late entrant in the Upper House of Parliament, the political hobnobbing starts with Shah as the epicenter. You can actually feel the hum and buzz around Shah among BJP parliamentarians whenever he arrives in Parliament or is at his machinations in the Central Hall. As it is he speaks very little and rarely interacts with opposition politicians. However, wherever he is, JP Nadda and Bhupender Yadav can be seen hovering around, and such is his draw that even other ministers halt at his sight and pay their obeisance.

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