Scindia’s faux passe

December 01 2016

The youth leader of Congress Party Jyotiraditya Scindia had been on a travelling spree in Madhya Pradesh to blow his party’s trumpet since the last fifteen days. His programmes were held at Murraina, Bhind, Chhatarpur, Gwalior and other places. During a programme at Khajuraho, where the party workers from Banda, close to Khajuraho, were also present, Sindhia asked regarding UP election. He asked the crowd present there: “How do you feel about UP elections, who do you think will win? The answer was disappointing for him when they said, “If Priyanka didi comes, the scenario will change overnight.” Scindia then murmured frustratedly: “You cannot think of anything beyond the Gandhi family.”
It is said that one of the close relatives to Janardan Dwivedi, present there in the crowd, promptly shared the news with Dwivedi, who then shared it with Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi also came to learn about it and asked Digvijay Singh to intervene in the matter. Diggi Raja then made him realise that Sindhia has committed a political blunder.

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