Scindia in a fi

September 13 2020

By-elections are to be held in 24 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier these by-elections were to be held in August-September, but due to the rising cases of Corona pandemic, the dates of these by-elections are being pushed forward. But if anyone’s credibility is tested in these by-elections, it is Jyotiraditya Scindia, the newcomer from the Congress to the BJP. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh is also delighted, as he will continue with his government by the victory of only 9 of the Congress MLAs who joined BJP with Scindia. In such a situation, bringing back 22 of his MLAs is the biggest challenge before Maharaja Scindia of Gwalior. For example, Scindia’s most trusted confidant is likely to contest from Tulsiram Silavat’s Indore constituency, for which Scindia has paid visit to Sumitra Tai (Mahajan), who still holds sway in Indore. Scindia knows that his influence is limited to Gwalior and Bhind only, so he has been waiting for the BJP and Sangh cadre to win the support of his other supporting MLAs, at a time when Shivraj is constantly afraid that Scindia’s new presence in the saffron party does not present any challenge to him.

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