Sangma’s dinner

August 03 2014

North East MP Forum has chosen P A Sangma as their new president. This July 30, a dinner was organized at his official residence at Aurangzeb Road in New Delhi and North East Parliamentarians were invited. 26 MPs including Central Minister Kiran Rijiju and Sonowal attended the event; it is worth mentioning here that about 40 Parliamentarians from Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha represent North East region. Central Minister for State General V K Singh, who is considered to be a good friend of Sangma’s, also attended the dinner. Mrs Sangma, that is Soradini Sangma, had prepared some of the non-veg dishes from the north east on her own. It was decided on the occasion that people from the north east will spread their food and culture to all states and regions of India and will invite people from other states to come and visit their region. Sangma himself gave a presentation on the occasion on how 10 per cent of the budget from different ministries should be spent on the north east. All preparations are on to apply pressure on Modi about this.

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