Sangh’s Dalit ‘love’, Tribal ‘concerns’

March 06 2018

The Sangh’s newly found love for Dalits is uphill, and its glimpse was reflected in the recently concluded ‘Rashtrodaya Samagam’ in Meerut. Hoardings across the city were an effort to uplift the Dalit image. Contrary to its general beliefs, the Sangh’s Dalit love was all in melody. Have a look at the hoardings, and one can clearly judge the Sangh’s state of mind – ‘The glory that Brahmins like Vashishtha, Kshatriyas like Krishna, Vaishyas like Harsh and Shudras like Tukaram have brought to the Hindu religion, similarly Dalits like Valmiki, Chokhmela and Ravidas have, too.”
The reason behind this sudden love is the Sangh’s worry over the mass conversion of Dalits, Jats and Ahirs into Budhhism. In this initiative of the Sangh, more than one lakh of its workers participated from 14 districts of Western UP.
A new chapter has been initiated in the tradition of the Sangh that more and more number of workers of the Sangh are being encouraged to eat with the Dalits. Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat has himself initiated this chapter.
Another concern of the Sangh revolves around the tribals who are once again turning towards the Congress. Prior to 2008, tribal voters were inclined towards the Congress, but with an eye on a new hope, they proceeded towards the BJP. But after getting nothing but disappointment, their tilt is now once again towards the Congress and regional parties. In the recently concluded Gondwana convention, more than 50,000 tribals gathered after which a prominent statement of Mohan Bhagwat cautioning them from the regional parties.

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