Sangh shines brighter than ever

May 07 2018

Time changed, the power at Delhi changed, and so did the political trends. Sangh was never as powerful as it seems today and so the saffron clan is worried about its documentations. Whilst the Congress held its flag at the Delhi throne and was busy its Left-Centre politics, Communist historians painted red the pages of history and literatures. Now ever since the Modi government has come to power at the Centre, Sangh and BJP have starting putting a quote of saffron over all of it. It can be recalled that during the Vajpayee government of the BJP, a committee was formed under the leadership of known Hindi journalist Dinanath Mishra and knowingly or unknowingly the responsibility of documentation of the works of BJP and Sangh. Crores were invested on this project, but the desired results were not achieved. Under the guidance of Mishra, Nitish Bharadwaj even created a movie, highlighting saffron visions, and its ‘preview’ was also organised in Delhi. But the saffron think tanks were not convinced and pointed out flaws, and Bharadwaj was asked to reshoot it. Even after so much brainstorming, the result was nowhere fruitful and the ambitious movie faded away.
Now to re-ink the fictions of new age, the Sangh has roped in the famous writer of Bahubali film KV Vijayendra Prasad to make a mega budget film on them. Sources reveal that the film’s budget has been marked around Rs 180 crore. Apart from this, many Bollywood biggies are inspired to make movies on Modi, Sangh and BJP, among which everyone is awaiting Jai Om Prakash Mehra’s film around the life of Modi. Many independent filmmakers have been asked to make a film of this effect. Several ministries have kept their doors open for funding such films. Apart from this, the work of penning a new history is also in progress. So, in the days to come, the face of the country may change or not, but its mood is set to change.

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