Sangh in NE& Myanmar

December 07 2014

Ever since Krishna Gopal has taken over the matters in the BJP on Sangh’s behalf, for the BJP and Narendra Modi, the North East and Myanmar has become a part of the priority list. A big reason for this is that for the past decade, Krishna Gopal has done significant work in the North East and has also been the prabhari for the region. For the past 15 days, he was in the North East, and Suresh Soni also visited the region for a week. The Sangh has a lot of ground to cover at the grassroots level in the region. It was against this backdrop that Narendra Modi has raised the topic of Bangladeshi immigrants. At the same time, India has increased its influence in a big way in Myanmar. That is because this country has become a refuge for several terrorist outfits from the North East. Keeping this in mind, the Sangh has done considerable work in Myanmar.

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