Sangh behind the Uttarakhand upheaval

April 08 2016

It is believed that Shiv Prakash, an organization minister from the BJP had a significant role to play in scripting the downfall of Harish Rawat’s government in Uttarakhand. If sources are to be believed, Shiv Prakash, who has been a dedicated Sangh follower, was the link between rebel Congress leaders Harak Singh Rawat and Vijay Bahuguna’s son Saket Bahuguna. It is said that once Operation Harish Rawat got the seal of approval, Shiv Prakash shifted his brother from Moradabad to Dehradoon, who became the centre point for the entire deal. Sources say Shiv Prakash met Amit Shah several times about it. In the beginning Shah was of the opinion that since Assembly elections will be held in just one year in Uttarakhand, bringing down the Rawat government might not send the right message in general. In any case, the BJP seems to be gaining ground in the state. The organization minister assured his party’s president that things will change within six months of Rawat government going. The new government’s pro-people schemes will help when the BJP goes for elections; the logic made sense and Shah agreed.

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