“Sandesh” Sunset

May 29 2017

While Modi’s promised good times have eluded India, it sure is very bad times for the Congress party. First the party’s graph started hurtling down. And now the party’s mouthpiece, “Congress Sandesh” has reached a miserable state. This is reflected in everything, starting with the circulation. There was a time when the Rs 10 magazine had a subscription of nearly a lakh. Party sources gripe that today, it stands a measly 10,000. The condition of the scribes working in the magazine is also pitiable. They neither receive their salaries on time nor any other allowances. Once upon a time there was no limit to the petrol expenses these reporters could make. Besides, they were entitled to free meals at the office canteen. But since the era of demonetisation, for the first few months they received no salary at all. Though salaries have been revived now, they are always late. A senior party leader squarely blames the editor Girija Vyas and members of the editorial board, Jairam Ramesh and Salman Khurshid for this plight. Paranoid with this development, the publisher of the paper, party treasurer Motilal Vohra now sits full time in the office, scrutinises every article and corrects factual mistakes, and silently prays for the return of “Congress Sandesh’s” Achhe Din.

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