Sahara Shri sidelined

November 30 2015

Sahara Shri Subrata Rai’s worries just don’t seem to end. The list of facilities he got at Tihar has been clipped after a court order; previously, he could use the internet connection 24/7, had a laptop, along with 34 guards appointed just for his security. The new order means he has been sent to his old cell. The ED is tightening its noose around his two sons and wife under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Sources say that the raid that happened a few days ago means his assets such as private jets, hotels and apartment in London are facing the heat. Not just that, sources also claim that a few days ago, Subrata’s younger brother Jaivrat’s son Jagrato has been arrested by the police in Dubai. It never rains, it pours, like they say.

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