Saffron’s all aggressive about UP

January 13 2016

BJP Party President Amit Shah is not prioritizing the appointment of other party satraps at present. Only Ramlal and his core team seem to be most active about choosing party state presidents. It is also Ramlal who is getting along the most with Sangh’s BJP Prabhari Krishna Gopal. It is worth noting that just like a regular Swayamsevak, Krishna Gopal’s priority is to focus on collective leadership and responsibility. So, regarding the appointment of party state presidents, the Sangh and the BJP have reached a consensus that people who have a proactive image and those who would rather travel within their states and strengthen the party instead of loitering around in the party headquarters, should be at the helm of things. The biggest issue is choosing the party state president in UP. While the Modi-Shah team is in favour of having Dinesh Sharma as the president, a big chunk of UP party leaders feel that instead of a Brahmin like Sharma, someone from a backward caste should be chosen. As a result, the names of Dharampal Singh and Swatantra Dev Singh are doing the rounds. It is being said that a few days ago, Amit Shah brought out another name from his quiver – that of Central Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha, who is an old-time Swayamsevak and is a party Parliamentarian from Ghazipur. Apart from this, BJP party workers in the state have an old demand – that of showcasing a face in the 2017 Assembly elections. If everything goes according to Sangh’s plans, the party’s youth leaders are keen on having Varun Gandhi as the chief ministerial candidate from the BJP. However, this will not be easy for the Modi-Shah team, but then what is politics if not accommodating the odds?

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