Saffron Fudging

December 04 2017

The central government has cancelled the DAVP account of two editions of a multiple-city daily newspaper with a pronounced right-wing leaning in Uttar Pradesh. The government says that the newspaper has fudged the circulation figures of the newspapers to extract higher rates from the Centre’s ministry of information and broadcasting. Immediately after, the owner of the paper and his Political Editor reached the office of the concerned minister to present their point of view, Yes, they agreed, there was some ‘minor mistakes’ in the facts and figures, but then did that warrant such a major punitive measure? Besides, the owner dangled the other carrot: “Besides, we are being tainted as a saffron paper. At which the Mantri shot back, “Well so not you are free to sing the Congress song!” The owner, however, insisted that they just cannot do that, since the core of their thinking is aligned with the RSS and the BJP The mantra beamed a smile at this, stood up and folded his hands, expressing helplessness. It is learnt now that the owner of the paper is planning prayers at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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