Saffron dreams take wings

November 10 2014

These are the golden moments for Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. They have achieved a lot of clout ever since Modi came into power. In the past three-four months, not only has there been an expansion of Sangh’s branches, the number of members in the organization has also increased. It is believed that the total number of members of Sangh and its allied organisations is near 50 lakh. The Sangh wants to take this number to one crore. It is also being said that there has been a significant increase in the funds coming into the organization. Sources close to Sangh say that during Dusshera alone, the Sangh’s income for Guru Dakshina alone was approx. Rs 60 crore. Add to it assistance from other sources, donation and funds and the tally may go up to more than Rs 100 crore. At present, Sangh has nearly 3000 full-time Pracharaks, who are supported totally by the Sangh. The way big corporates and non-resident Indians are being large-hearted about donations to the organization, needless to say that in the days to come, the Sangh’s confidence and ambitions will reach new heights in the days to come.

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