RSS ‘Trump’ Card

November 06 2016

A silent advisory has been sent by the American Embassy to India’s foreign ministry, cautioning about GOP presidency nominee Donald Trump. Several fringe organisations of RSS adore Trump as they like his anti-Muslim tone. Many Hindutva organisations associated with RSS in support of Trump-organised meetings in America. The World Hindu Conference was organised in New Jersey. Interestingly, several film celebrities took part in the conference. The Khakis believe it is only Trump who can challenge Muslim extremism.
It is often said that a few affluent Indians are donating to Trump’s poll chest. Hillary got to know of it and informed about the Embassy. According to sources, the Embassy made it clear in its advisory that India will certainly not benefit from helping sTrump. This is when Vijay Jolly of BJP in Delhi was organising ‘Hindus for Trump’. But the BJP chief rapped him over his knuckls, saying – ‘we are not supposed to interfere in other countries’ election we should have cordial relation with every government’.

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