Rohatgi’s file stuck in PMO

June 07 2014

Mukul Rohatgi, who is extremely close to the BJP, has had his file related to being appointed as the next Attorney General had been stuck in the PMO for some time. This file has been stuck there since the 27th of last month. It is worth mentioning here that Rohatgi has been a counsel in the Babri Masjid demolition case, the 2002 Gujarat riots and has also represented Baba Ramdev and Varun Gandhi. Rohatgi is also considered to be extremely close to Arun Jaitley, BJP’s most powerful minister. His friendship with Ravi Shankar Prasad is also there for all to see. Modi and Jaitley’s partnership is already being compared to Atal-Advani and Modi has given a freehand to Jaitley on law and several other matters. Mukul Rohatgi is also said to be close to Anil Ambani and it is possible that Ambani senior may not like it. Apart from this, Ranjeet Kumar’s name is being talked about for the Solicitor General’s post and Sanjay Jain’s name for Additional Solicitor General. Sources reveal that there has been opposition to this from one BJP leader – Sushma Swaraj – who says that Rohatgi, Ranjeet and Sanjay connections with the same law firm and so appointing all three of them for these three posts is not justified. The entire matter is now becoming more and more complicated.

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