Revamp in Modi Cabinet

December 06 2015

The prime minister, who is keen to give his government a proactive image, can’t seem to accept the complacent and lackadaisical attitude of some of his ministers. If sources are to be believed, Modi will bring about a big change in his Cabinet after January 14 (when the kharmas period, considered to be inauspicious in the Hindu calendar, will be over). Many ministers may be bid adieu, new ministers may be introduced, several may see their portfolios being changed, while others may get promotions. This big reshuffle of ministers will be based on a performance report, which is being monitored by the PMO itself. Every now and then, as the party president, Amit Shah too gives his feedback about ministers and their work. It is believed that Modi gives a lot of importance to Shah’s opinion. Apart from Shah, Modi also keeps an eye on his ministers through the likes of Ajit Doval, Nripendra Mishra and P K Mishra. Based on the work they have done, the PMO grades each minister and his ministry as well. And it is these scores that will decide the promotion or demotion of ministers.

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