Rahul Handed Modi’s ‘Nuke’

November 13 2016

The currency revolution in the country that landed like a tonne of bricks on Indians had already been mooted sometime ago. Economist Anil Bokil had devised ways to curb widespread black money and curb the flush of fake currency from Pakistan. Sources say that almost 18 months ago, Bokil met Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi with his plan. After a few seconds, Rahul showed him the door, advising him to talk to Mohan Gopal, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Contemporary Studies, and a key Rahul advisor. Bokil was disappointed. After the elections he tried to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A few months ago he indeed got his opportunity. The meeting was supposed to last all of nine minutes. But when Bokil began his presentation, Modi got so animated that two hours flew by before anybody realised. Bokil apparently told Modi that 76 per cent of the unorganised sector runs on cash. Subsequently, Modi made a team of his 10 most reliable persons, consisting of Ajit Doval, Shaktikant Das, RBI Governor and one time Mukesh Ambani man Urjit Patel and others. The entire plan was furtively executed one fine evening, with a message from the PM.

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