Reincarnation of Rahul

January 18 2015

The letter from Sonia Gandhi to all state congress committees has made it clear that soon Rahul Gandhi will be whole and sole of the Congress party. Sonia has confirmed that party’s vice-president Rahul is fit to lead and a declaration in this regard is likely to be made soon. In fact, after withstanding the worst of critics from every quarter, Rahul too has started working on his reincarnation. The greatest allegation against Rahul is that he does not listen to senior party leaders and trust only his close associates. To counter this perception, Rahul recently invited over 300 party leaders from across the country and met them in a group of 10 each for about three hours. On party forum as well, he seems to be taking firm decisions in recent times. While preparations for Delhi Assembly elections, when most of the party men agreed that the battle in Delhi is between BJP and AAP and they should support AAP candidates to play spoilsport for BJP, Rahul had a different view. Rahul told them that party’s vote percentage in 2013 election was about 25% and they should fight with determination and try to increase vote percentage. He also suggested that new faces should be brought into make the challenge interesting. Congress’s third list makes his view evident enough. The party is openly confronting AAP in recent campaigns, this has in turn helped party gain over 8 seats in opinion polls.

  1. Kumar Ranjan Says:

    If Congress leaders want to rejuvenate it,young leaders like Sachin Pilot,Jyotiraditya Scindhia etc. should have courage to throw their hat in ring for contesting AICC President,Country will not digest UNOPPOSED Rahul Gandhi as President of AICC.Leaders like Digvijay Singh and his associates must know YOUTHS have abilities to understand poor ability of Rahul Gandhi.Mr. Rahul Gandhi is VERY Confused Gentle Man as he has not yet decided about his own matrimonial life then how he will be given command for AICC?It will be an insult for old Congress persons believing Ethics of Gandhian Congress Philosophy.

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