Rao’s track record

February 08 2014

P P Rao’s claim to fame is not just his closeness to 10, Janpath. The headlines have chased him every now and then. Take the Justice Dinakaran matter, for instance. Rao had been appointed in the eminent jury category for the case and had to resign from the post. It is worth mentioning here that Dinakaran had challenged his appointment in the Supreme Court, with the argument, “As a lawyer, Rao used to render me (Dinakaran) advice. He has already seen the files and has signed a memorandum against me. Thus, how can a man who has already charged me as guilty be the judge?” Supreme Court had then advised the chairman of the Rajya Sabha that some other judge be appointed in place of Rao. This new matter should also be explored – will the road to becoming the Lokpal be easy for Rao?


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