Rajnath’s raj

October 12 2015

Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh may well be considered one of the favourites in the Sangh, but as home minister, his behavior is certainly setting new benchmarks. While on the one hand the entire BJP’s UP arm was trying to milk political mileage from the Dadri incident, and everyone – from Sadhvi to Yogi, Sangeet Som and even Minister of State Sanjeev Baliyan was fanning the already spreading fire — Rajnath Singh did things differently. He passed a strict advisory to the UP government, saying the state government should investigate about those responsible for it without any discrimination and catch hold of them, adding that the Central government would help in all ways possible. At the same time, political meanings from Rajnath’s advisory are being discussed. Sources say he knew that be it Sangeet Som or Sanjeev Baliyan, they were both very dear to the Party President, Amit Shah.

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