Rajnath’s raj

May 26 2015

New roots make inroads only after breaking through the earth’s tough layers. If you leave aside the name of Om Mathur, the other two, namely Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari, have already played their party president’s role. The only grouse Sangh has with Amit Shah is that in his tenure, he has hardly encouraged any party person from grassroots. UP’s heavyweight leader Rajnath Singh is finding himself unfit in the present Central government’s outlook. Tales of his differences of opinion with the PMO and Arun Jaitley can be heard in the passing. The Central home minister is said to be ready to resign and that is why his name is foremost in the above mentioned list. The Sangh and Nitin have an unbreakable bond, but Gadkari is said to be reluctant to relinquish his post at present, because he has introduced several projects worth lakhs of crores in road transport, national highways, and shipping ministry. Prime Minister Modi has supported and vetoed Om Mathur’s name. But the Sangh leadership is not excited about his name for now, which means if Shah goes, there are a lot of chances that Rajnath might come back.

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