Rahul’s Rejection

December 15 2017

Rahul Gandhi had readily consented to speak at a Summit of a top English newspaper group in New Delhi. He was quick to assess that if he did not attend, all the glory would corner by expert stage performers like Modi and former US President Barack Obama, and Rahul would lose his sheen. Rahul was slated to attend this high profile summit with Jyotiraditya Scindia, who is also a known family friend of the owners of the media group. The organisers had kept two seats reserved for them right in the front row. Incidentally, Rahul’s bro-in-law Robert Vadra was also supposed to attend the summit and his seat had been allocated a row behind Rahul’s. However, Vadra reached the auditorium early and casually requested the organisers to be given a seat next to Rahul’s, as he said he had some urgent things to discuss with the latter. When Rahul reached his seat, he was a bit shaken at this musical chair game. Sources reveal that throughout the meeting, Rahul remained in conversation with Jyotiraditya, while masking his clear unease, Vadra kept on talking on his cell phone all the while. So is Rahul now openly distancing himself brother-in-law Robert Vadra?

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