Rahul’s Refusal

December 05 2016

Just recently, the new Congress brain, Prashant Kumar, had held a marathon meeting with Samajwadi Party’s chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and the latter said he could let Congress have 54 seats, but not more that, as an electoral alliance. ‘PK’, after some more cajoling, had indeed finally made Akhilesh increase the seats to 58. Back in 10 Janpath, PK met Rahul Gandhi and said if Rahul directly speaks to Akhilesh, the latter could even concede 65 seats. But Rahul Baba ruled this out. Rahul reportedly said that he could not talk directly, as that does not sit well with his character. PK argued that if an alliance works out, Congress could win at least 35 seats. But Rahul refused. His argument was that that would end up in the Congress cashing in on the anti-incumbency vote against the ruling SP, which the Congress workers would not see as the ‘done thing’! PK’s gameplan bombed…

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