Rahul’s New ‘Durga’

October 30 2017

It is Rahul Gandhi in a new avatar, fiercely incendiary on the social media, a form has never seen before, paying back the Modi brigade in the same coin. And synoptically, unlike in the past, when his response team was a laggard. The name and face behind this metamorphosis are becoming increasingly known. It is none other than former Kannada film actress Divya Sandan, aka Ramya, who has turned the run-up to the Gujarat polls into nothing short of a ‘surgical strike’ on Modi’s verbal raids.
Just before setting off for his recent US tour, RaGa had sacked the former head of the Congress IT Cell, Deepender Hooda, and anointed Ramaiya as the top gun. Ramya was already a part of the Congress IT Cell, but her words were usually dumped in the bin. Hooda was handling the team in his own manner, which many in Team Rahul felt was marked by very late responses, leaving Modi a fast lane against Rahul in the race, allowing Modi’s social media brigade clear space and time to troll Rahul. But no longer. Divya, aka Ramya has enraged Modi with the slogan “Vikas gando thayo che” in Gujarat, that is, “development has gone berserk”. Rahul is now on the offensive, with lampooning GST as Gabbar Singh Tax, a marauder. Rahul has given a free hand to Divya to run the cell and lo and behold! Whereas earlier the cell had a mere 5 per cent women force, now the ladies account for as much as 85 per cent. And the size of the cell too has doubled. So now Rahul is returning fire to Modi in an unprecedentedly fierce manner.

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